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We are vocational litigation specialists.
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We provide comprehensive Vocational Assessment services customized for the medical/legal and personal injury litigation field.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are conducting vocational assessment remotely by video conference… LEARN MORE

Our vocational and psycho-vocational assessments objectively determine vocational disability, residual employability and earnings following personal injury or debilitating illness. In instances of divorce, we offer imputing income assessments to determine earning capacity. Our forensic vocational evaluation methodology is rigorous and second to none.

Our court-qualified team of vocational evaluators have provided a variety of vocational assessment and rehabilitation services to insurance companies, individuals, legal firms, private companies, and government ministries for over 37 years. Put our expertise to work for you.

Are you concerned about the changing medical-legal landscape? We have a solution. Learn more about our Residual Employability Assessment.7


We provide a full suite of Vocational Assessments:

NEW ** Video Remote Vocational Assessment **
Residual Employability Assessment
Psycho-Vocational Assessment
Competitive Employability
Transferable Skills Analysis
Divorce/Imputing Income
Medical Negligence
Cost of Future Care


If you have a vocational challenge, we have the solution!

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Our court-qualified team of accredited professionals are committed to excellence and continuously update their skills, knowledge and credentials to provide the highest quality vocational assessment services.